A new day

Hi everybody,

What I had planned for this blog isn't quite working out.  Imagine!!  So I'm going to try something else.  I figure I'll just treat this like an online diary (not that kind!!  Look for the porn elsewhere!) and just write about my days.

I've been looking up stuff.  I'm cleaning out my favorites.  Oh my, some people should just not be allowed to save favorites.  I'm that some people.  I've been working on this crap since 6 this morning.  I've barely made a dent.  I cannot believe I saved so much stuff!  That's why I'm taking a break and writing.

I've been having discussions with my dogs in between cleaning up.  Their brothers, 2 years old now, lived together all their lives, and are neutered.  We brought home two so they'd have somebody company.  Morons!!  These boys hate each other with a passion that's almost obsessive.  We're the pack leaders, but I'm also the golden toy.  I'm the super-toy that cannot be shared, especially with the evil other brother.  It's getting old, separating them. 

One is super cute.  He's got husky markings, but he's a golden brown.  With the most gorgeous, sweet brown eyes.  They're both only knee high and love cold weather.  Cuddles is the husky looking one.  He's too smart for his own good.  He figured out how to open the back screen door.  I really think he's been working on the inner door too.  When I go back to let them in, that door just pulls open with no twisting.  This is not a good thing!!  It's well below freezing out and that door should NOT be open.  But he has yet to actually let himself in the house, so maybe it's my imagination.  I really hope it's just my imagination!

The other one is Snowball.  He looks like an arctic fox, but is getting more yellow in his muzzle and on his back.  He's a thief, bad tempered, not as smart as his brother, with lots of bad habits.  Unfortunately, he and I were made for each other.  I love that dog, even though some days I'd like to strangle him.

Take last Saturday.  I went outside, my dog beside me.  Turned my head for a second and he was gone!  Ok, nothing new, really.  I called for a bit, then took the 4 wheeler out looking.  New snow, so it should have been easy to find him.  Ha!  That darn dog was everywhere.  And he's so quiet and sneaky, he could have followed me for miles without me knowing.  I went home.

2 hours later, I went out again.  Nothing.  So I took the car on a trip around the country block.  Just in case.  Managed to put the car in the ditch.  Three guys in trucks pulled me out.  I went home.  Stupid dog!

6 hours later, I'm really worried and crying.  I called the pound/sheriff's department.  Since we're unlucky enough to be equally distant from 3 different big towns, I had to call all 3.  Just to be sure.  Nothing, but they kept my name.

I went out again with the 4 wheeler.  No dog.  But I managed to kill the 4 wheeler and had to walk home.  Got to the door, and there my wayward dog was.  I'm a female.  I broke down crying (for joy), then yelled at him, then stuck him back in his yard.  Then I had to call all the sheriff's departments/pounds again.  Stupid dog!! 

Oh, the 4 wheeler was fine.  My hubby got home, walked down there, rocked it back and forth and it started up just fine.  I hate my dog, I hate mechanical things, and I'm not real fond of laughing husbands.  Males!

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